Who To Emulate

These are folks who's interviews of technical people I've always enjoyed and now consider wise to emulate.


Moira was actually an office-mate of mine back at Purdue before she went on to a productive career with NASA and then on to found the PBS interview program, TechNation. A theme that runs through her work is that we don't have to be afraid of what's coming.

Moira tells me that her most awesome guests go out of their way to put her at ease, a tip I always remember when I find myself on the guest's side of a microphone.


Charlie studied law early in his career. Can you imagine how that helps him pose a good question? My friend and colleague, RichardSears, would tape Charlie so that we could pause and deconstruct his conversations. Only once did we catch Charlie getting lost.

I like the way Charlie assumes that even his most obscure guests will be found interesting. There is certainly nothing else to entertain us on his stark black set.


Owen makes laying awake at 4am listening to the BBC worthwile. He has the ability to press hard without badgering. I think this works because he has already worked past the superficial in his own mind and is hunting for deeper and more illuminating insight. A less informed inquirer would be happy with scandal.

Owen is very much into today's world of global politics and human needs. I associate his reporting with perspective more often found in historical writing. How does he do it?

Some tips from other experts:


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